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25 March 2014

New perspectives on multilingualism and its role in L2 acquisition.

Multilingualism is a highly complex phenomenon, which has a direct influence on how we learn languages.

Do we learn a second/foreign language in a similar way in a multilingual context as in a monolingual one? What is the role of the other languages spoken in the community? Do contrasting learning contexts, like CLIL or studying abroad, produce different results?

In this process, it is also important to consider the role of emotions in foreign language acquisition. Can positive emotions such as foreign language enjoyment have an active role in the foreign language learning process?

These and other topics will be discussed in this symposium, with the aim of understanding multilingualism, how languages are learned and how to teach them better.

For primary and secondary school teachers, lecturers, university students and researchers. It will be held entirely in English, but it intends to cater for all those interested in multilingualism, L2 or foreign language acquisition, as the issues dealt with should be applicable to any L2.

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