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27 April 2015


Enrolment dates and deadlines: April 22nd till the end of the course

 The following provides further information:

http://www.etwinning.es/es/inicio/ultimas-noticias/969-mooc-etwinning-en-abierto   http://mooc.educalab.es/courses/INTEF/INTEF154/2015_ED1/about

17 April 2015

Workshop on Foreign Accent

8th May 2015
When speaking a second or foreign language, one of the most persistent features is accent. 
In this workshop, invited speakers will present the most relevant research findings regarding foreign accents for professionals who daily face the task of evaluating and teaching foreign languages. 

This workshop is aimed at primary and secondary school teachers, lecturers, university students and researchers. 

4 February 2015

On line course on 

Multilingual education: multilingual competence and translanguaging

Date: from February 16th to March 22nd.

Deadline for enrolment:   
9 February 2015

1. To analyze teachers' competences and the native speaker in multilingual education. 
2. To analyze the processes of learning and teaching different languages and to offer new principles for teaching  languages.
3. To discuss the concept of translanguaging and analyze strategies to design an integrated curriculum for languages.
4. To analyze the influence that the mobility of the population has on the teaching and learning of languages.
1. Teachers’ competences in multilingual education
2. Multilingualism and age
3. Translanguaging in multilingual education
4. A new challenge to multilingual education: immigrant students
Each theme will have different sections
  • Videos and articles
  • Tasks: They can be linked to the videoclips but also to articles or other information on internet
  •   Forums: To discuss ideas and opinions with other students

26 November 2014

web 2.0: cool tools for schools


Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools

WOW!  This one has it all!  Presentation tools, collaborative tools, research tools, video tools, slideshow tools, audio tools, image tools, drawing tools, and on and on!
If you check out one website let this be it! 

Think Literacy. Subject specific strategies.

Think Literacy. Subject specific strategies.

Literacy skills are at the heart of learning. Successful students are able to read for meaning, to write with clarity and purpose, and to participate productively in classroom discussions.
But many of our students may be struggling with these skills, and that makes it harder for us to teach the content of our subject area. What can we do to help struggling learners without sacrificing content and continuing to meet the needs of all students?

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