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1 September 2013

The art of living

The Art of Living

This event is a local gathering of friends and family to support and express art in our community.  The agenda is as follows: The first event was held at La Triangu Bar in Sopelana.  The date we held it was on Sunday the 24th of February.  Later events were held on following Sundays in different locations.  Our next show will be on May 18th, in Bilbao, on calle San Francisco number 40 in a great modeling studio, from 5-10pm.

FREE English Practice!
FREE laughs and a good time!!

Please contact Lucas Rincon via e-mail or telephone to confirm whether or not you are interested in participating as an artist or simply attending this event.

Facebook – lucas rincon (or) the art of living – dtour immersions (or) dtour immersions
Mobile - 615 92 37 10

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